[Announce] Z-machine assembler and disassembler

While working on a Z-machine interpreter, I found it useful to be able to create story files containing arbitrary Z-machine instructions for testing. While Inform’s inline assembly is usually the best way to get this done, I found a particular case where I needed something extra (specifically I wanted to run tests with instructions outside of any routine); so I wrote an assembler.

The assembler is not meant to be useful for anybody apart from Z-machine interpreter authors, and even then it’s probably not all that useful. It’s rough around the edges, but it works, and a few people might find it interesting, so I’m offering it up.

I wrote the disassembler because txd seems to have trouble with non-Infocom/Inform games. So unless you want to disassemble stories created with this assembler (or, perhaps, with zapf or zilf), txd is still the way to go.

After that enticing introduction, I’m sure you’re champing at the bit to try these out, so here you go: http://zdevtools.googlecode.com/.

Only the source code is provided, and a POSIX environment (Linux, FreeBSD, etc) is required to build.