Ann Hugo's Reviews 2021

I’m not planning to write as many reviews as last year, but now that I’m on study break, I think I’ll write a few for my favourite games from this year’s entries.


I’ll start with Fine Felines.

Being that it’s been a while since I played this one; this won’t be a particularly detailed review. I found it to be a fun sort of simulation game, more than that, but that’s the first way of describing it which comes to mind. It made me nostalgic for games I enjoyed playing when I was younger, which I’m sure included some sort of dog breeding game. The nostalgia fun. That being said, that wasn’t my favourite aspect of the game. I’m admittedly not a big fan of cats and I was kind of uninterested in that part of the game. There was a lot more to it, which is why this game is in my top five for this year’s IFComp games. Mostly, I was drawn in by the autistic potential love interest (I’m autistic, so I pay a lot of attention to autistic characters). The moment she was introduced I was won over. The little bit of romance between her the protagonist was just lovely.

I’d definitely recommend this game. It’s wonderful.



At King Arthur’s Feast was my third favourite.

I hadn’t even heard of the original tale until after I’d played this game, so I can’t compare it to that. I found the game really enjoyable. Well, there were some slow points, it’s quite the long game, so I’d expect such, but overall it was really great. Also, I thought the ending was done really well.

Would definitely recommend this game.



My second favourite was A Paradox Between Worlds.

I’ve never really been majorly in a fandom, but growing up on the internet around the time that’s portrayed, this game definitely gave me some nostalgia. I liked being able to pick up on references to different things that have happened on the internet over the years. There were of course very upsetting aspects too, seeing the characters we’ve grown to be fond of hurt. It was powerful.

I’d definitely recommend this game.



Lastly, my number one favourite, You are SpamZapper 3.1.

Man, this game was fun. I was completely drawn in, left me a bit dazed as I found myself in the real world once again when the game came to an end. This game made me feel for plugins, made me wonder, and stuck in my head after. There was a fair bit that went over my head, but it didn’t take me out of the game at all. Also, I loved the ending. It all came together wonderfully. I also enjoyed the beginning, really liked going through the emails.

Absolutely, 100%, recommend this game.



I think that’s all for the games I’ll be reviewing. Wish I could provide longer, more-detailed reviews, but I guess something’s better than nothing. Great job with the reviews to everyone else who writes even one.