I really enjoyed this game’s sense of humor.

Quality writing, and the sheer number of permutations is really impressive. I haven’t even scratched the surface, really. I do find the ending(s) a bit abrupt, but there’s a lot else to love.

I have controversial feelings about this game. There are brilliant dialogs, really funny situations and very impressive replayability. But the main plot… with this weirdly trivial child sacrifice… Well, I don’t know. If it is dark comedy, then OK, I would understand. But it’s not dark enough.

Nevertheless I will definitely remember Animalia and think about it more. It was a unique experience for me.

As far as I understood, this is a Calvin and Hobbes-like scenario, mostly happening in the imagination of a child who’s been reading about taiga biomes for his school presentation.

Wow, thanks! It changes a lot. I didn’t notice any hints about it inside the game after two replays. Maybe It is because I’m not a native English speaker.

I’m from Russia, too - and not a huge authority on understanding English literary works.

I’ll never forget playing Chandler Groover’s Down, the Serpent and the Sun while constantly consulting a dictionary for words like incendiary, ileocecal, putrefaction, grotesquerie, diluvian, morass, etc.

i am the author of this game and unfortunately this is an incorrect reading

The parser game in this is amazing. The glow around the green text? Superb.

This was a blast to play. I’ve posted a review of it on my blog.

death of the author

lol people take things VERY seriously around here. interpret the game however you want!

My favorite game from the comp! So glad it placed so high.

I can’t find the parser game, or keep my dad from catching me with my forehead down.

I laughed out loud on my latest playthrough, and I’d like to see more!

gonna INVISICLUES this!

  1. Of all the characters in Animalia, who would have the latest and hottest video game?

  2. Why, Martin – Charlie Stewart’s best friend, of course!

  3. But when will you have a chance to make plans with Martin?

  4. Perhaps on the bus?

  5. So be punctual, or if you’re delayed, follow Priya to the bus stop.

  6. Once you’re there, sit with Martin and talk about your phone.

  7. Remember, you want to keep humans away from the forest, so say the phone is at his house.

  8. You’ll be directed to intimidate Martin.

  9. Some commanders are better at intimidating than others.

  10. Sprinkles is particularly bad at it.

TL/DR: Have Horseradish or Chunks in your party, be punctual (or, if delayed, follow Priya), take the bus, sit with Martin, ask about the phone, and say it’s at his house. There are circumstances where this might not work if you’ve done other things at the house, fyi.

more invisiclues fun

  1. Your mission commander is in the forest with Mom. You’re on home turf. You should have the advantage.

  2. … but you don’t. Mom was a forest biologist. She loves the Forest.

  3. Also, your strengths as commander – the reason the commander was chosen for the mission – applies to operations in Human territory.

  4. Not in the Taiga. Things are different in the Taiga.

  5. So maybe the opposite strategy to your commander’s strengths will work?

TL/DR: Horseradish should try to intimidate her. Chunks should try to make friends. Sprinkles should use their “strength” to impede her.

Either that, or you are an absolute master of the deadpan. You do realise that nobody is going to take anything you say on this forum seriously again?

hahaha yup. but that could work to my advantage!! you’ll ~never know what to expect~

(it could also be very irritating, so i apologise in advance)