Andromeda Apocalypse Unwinnable State?

Ok, I might have hit an unwinnable state in Andromeda. I got all the way to probably the last puzzle, and when I couldn’t solve it (tried a few things to solve it, nothing worked), I did peek at the hints. Here’s the solution (if you’ve not gotten here don’t look, this is a spoiler in every since of the word):

You have to lead the creature into East Lab and then open the lit case, releasing the invisible killer. For purposes of explaining my problem, opening the case will be called the action.

Thing is, in my earlier explorations I already did the action and while it didn’t seem to have much effect then, now I need to perform the action with the intended results. Did I reach an unwinnable state or am I missing something at this point?

There’s an alternate solution:

Go to the ledge where you had to jump across a gap near the beginning of the game. Jump across again and then do the action (“touch keypad,” I think) that retracts it. The monster will try to jump the gap and fail.

I actually tried that but didn’t hit the button (which is why I guess it failed when I tried [emote]:roll:[/emote] ). Thanks.