Andromeda Acolytes Kickstarter is on now

I have finally launched the Andromeda Acolytes Kickstarter:

Explore the page so you can find out about the whole thing. There’s also a demo of chapter one in there.

I hope you’ll back me, and/or spread the word and the link to all and sundry. A mighty thanks if you do.



This looks super exciting – congrats!


Bumping this.

Not only does Wade write great games, he’s incredibly helpful to members of this community. Show him it works both ways and please help him out with this, y’all.


Thanks Amanda. That is a very meaningful compliment for me.



The campaign is up to %27 funded and approaching $4000.

Even with my currently massively lowered internal checks on self-promotion, I feel I don’t want to promote much more on intfiction because everyone here knows well about it. I continue to travel in circles daily of facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. But I realise reminders are still important for intfiction. For instance, the pledge rate had its first stall, but then it began to move again, and I saw folks independently spreading the word on different platforms, forums, social media. Knowing they were all helping me felt great.

So certainly, if you were thinking about pledging but have been busy, this first quarter is the best time to back. Without enough progress towards the middle, there can’t be a late catchup because of that psychological factor where dispassionate onlookers do headmaths and say “I don’t think this can make it so I won’t bother pledging.”

Thanks again to everyone who’s backed, promoted or just checked out the project.

My 'To-do’s document alone covering the 17 months leading up to this Kickstarter is 30000 words long. That means after the campaign, whether it succeeds or not, I will have a lot of promotional and logistical detail to share for people who would like to learn more about promotion or try a Kickstarter themselves.


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