android z machine interpreter

Does anyone know where I can get a good z machine interpreter for an android tablet? any help would be most appreciated.

Sure, you can try:

Son of Hunky Punk

You can also check Twisty, which works on my Android phone but crashes on my tablet.

This one is new and good: you can touch the words to get them in the prompt, so it means less typing: … extfiction

None of those are compatible with my tablet. Google says that I don’t have a device. Go figure.

you can download those installers for your tablet in apk format there:

it’s annoying that google hide some apps on the market, even when they are working fine. They could at least allow to install them “at your own risk”.

Now sourceforge is telling me I have iOS but my tablet says I have android. Which do I trust?

Trust your tablet. Unless it’s an iPad, it’s not an iOS tablet.

It’s an Emerson tablet. So it is android?

From looking at Google it seems that Emerson tablets are Android, but without the non-open source Google apps. (Similar to how the Kindle Fire is an Android but with those apps all replaced with their own.) You will still be able to install apps on it, but I’m not sure how.

To install apps on yout tablet, read this and enable external / unknown sources: … l#q4927037

You can download the apps and unzip them (if needed, Son of Hunky Punk is a direct download) on your computer and transfer them on your tablet.

You can also consider installing this alternative market: (there is HunkyMod but it’s older and less reliable than son of hunky punk)

I also provide a sideloading option for Text Fiction.

This one is working where all else has failed. Thanks.

farvardin said: There is HunkyMod, but it’s older and less reliable than Son of Hunky Punk.
After an experiment in which I downloaded and attempted to sideload HunkyMod, being asked if I wanted to update Son of Hunky Punk during it, I concluded that the reason HunkyMod is ‘old and unreliable’ is because current updates are occurring under a different name. Simples!