Anchorhead - Illustrated … id=3715260

A guy on the Something Awful forums is currently running a communal playthrough of Anchorhead and illustrating the entire game as they go, even going so far as to draw the individual inventory items.

Unfortunately, it appears that you currently need an SA forums account to read the thread, but if you have one, or know someone who does, I definitely recommend following it.

EDIT: You no longer need an account to read the thread, only if you want to post.

EDIT 2: The playthrough is now available at

Am I wrong in seeing that it costs $9.95 just to be part of their forum? If that’s correct, I’ll just wait until someone leaks it.

No, I’m afraid that’s correct. Usually, you don’t need an account to passively read the forums, but they get locked down on occasion to encourage people to sign up. If nothing else, the finished LP will eventually be up on, where everyone can read it.

Anyway, I know some people in the IF community have SA accounts, so I just figured I would mention it here.

Perhaps the pictures could be acquired at the end for an illustrated rerelease?

FYI, you no longer need an account to read the thread, as long as you don’t mind a few ads. Registration is only necessary if you want to post.

Aaaaaah, brill! Cheers!

That’s what I was thinking. Anchorhead really is a “gateway” work of IF. So many folks I’ve talked to say they’ve gotten (back) into IF because of Anchorhead.

Oh damn, I didn’t even see this thread. :blush: Yesterday I linked this in and Anchorhead discussion in a different section of the forum.

Didn’t realize the paywall was up either or I wouldn’t have bothered…but sounds like it’s viewable now?

Yeah that’s unfortunate, but it’s a huge community that has forums for a lot more than just games. The payment requirement keeps kids away and makes mostsome of the really terrible socially oblivious people a community that size is going to attract at least attempt to behave themselves in order to save their $10. It annoyed me at first but I guess realistically, hosting a forum for 200,000 thousand people while simultaneously trying to keep them from burning the place down has costs involved.

The playthrough is now complete, and has been added to the Let’s Play archive, from which it can be perused without having to visit the forums.