Anchorhead anomolies


I am enjoying Anchorhead, if that is the right word. However, I keep hitting brick walls.

First time round, I arrived at the church without a working lantern - as far as I could tell there was no way to exit the church keeping the matches and lantern. So I started again.

Second time around, when Michael walks off on the second day, I cannot see him through the peep holes in the bedroom, sitting room and cellar - as I had done the first time around. Does anyone know what the trigger for seeing him is, other than talking to him too much? Anyway, it turns out you don’t have to see him to fiddle with the bottles and enter the secret tunnel, so onwards I plowed…

Third issue is this (where I am stuck): I have dealt with the creature on the bridge and crossed over back to the lighthouse. I would like to unlock the door, but I don’t have the right key. Peeping at a walkthrough, there is no indication as to where to get the lighthouse door key. Anyone know?



Hi. Check this page out.,232/id,646/type,docs/


I worked the lighthouse door out… Forgot I had obtained a key from the dead estate agent, and that there was a locked drawer in the estate agent office…

Still not sure about the other issues, but got to the end despite them!

Thanks for the link.