Anchorhead 2018 - elevator

I’m stuck in the elevator in the Control Station at the mill.

The button does nothing. Seems like I’m supposed to unscrew the panel, but I don’t have a screwdriver, and I don’t know where I’d find one. I thought maybe I could use a key or something, but everything I’ve tried says “[X] is not an appropriate tool for unscrewing things.”

Never mind, I figured it out.

I should have examined everything outside the elevator.

Hey Dan. I got stuck around here too. I managed to

lose the broom under the church.

So I couldn’t

hit the button without getting my arm chopped off

or something like that. I remember I had to go back to an old save file.

In your particular case, I

don’t really remember what the solution to your specific issue is.


it looks like you’ve got it figured out so that’s good.