An Open-Source Tutorial for all Parser Authors?

I’m sure that makes no difference to the sales of the graphical version, honestly. To a rough approximation, zero percent of Steam users have played the text version.

(And I, a Steam user who has played the text version, bought the graphical version immediately just to see what it was like.)


About the original question of this thread: I think it’s a good idea. And it would be changeable because the source is available.

I think the advantage would be that new IF players would be able to choose from a pool of games with this built-in tutorial for their first IF-steps :slight_smile:


I have precisely none of the relevant experience requested here, but I do oversee a comms department and have hired comms consultants so what the hey, I’ll weigh in, on the perhaps-dubious assumptions that the world I know (nonprofit political and policy advocacy) isn’t too too radically different.

First, my sense from these questions, and the fact that a marketing effort would be starting from scratch AFAIK, is that it might be a good idea to try to use some of that money in the bank to hire someone to work with IFTF on an outreach strategy. My experience working with communications consultants is that they can actually do a lot to help an organization build its capacity in this area – identify key audiences, figure out which channels speak to those audiences, build a media/outreach list, and train staff and volunteers to implement the strategy.

The caveat is that $11k is probably not much money to do something like this. But 1) many comms firms have nonprofit rates, and it might be possible to negotiate a reduced price from someone who thinks the work is cool or important; 2) doing a bunch of outreach without a strategy and understanding of the landscape is probably not going to be an especially effective use of funds; and 3) hiring a consultant to actually run an outreach campaign is generally quite expensive, so making an investment to help IFTF itself do the outreach is probably the best way to leverage your resources.

(Actually, does IFTF do any grantseeking? While again my experience is not at all in the same field, I’ve worked with a lot of foundations and written a lot of grants, and naively, “our one-of-a-kind nonprofit, which has sustained itself through individual donations and sponsorships for the past seven years, seeks a one-time $30k grant to permanently improve our communications and outreach capacity” seems like a compelling pitch to a variety of arts and tech focused foundations).

(On a similar note, “our one of a kind etc. seeks a one-time $30k grant to permanently improve our fund development and grantseeking efforts” also seems like a compelling pitch to me. Of course you need some knowledge and expertise to even write that grant in the first place, which is a bit of a chicken and egg issue… I do have a reasonable amount of development experience and my wife is an actual development professional – though again, both of us in primarily in the advocacy world – so glad to help out with whatever skills or knowledge I’ve got if that seems at all useful!)