An invitation to faff about (AIF)

First of all, You should know that I’m going to make this game with or without anyone’s aid. What I am proposing is simply an invitation to you all. If after seeing my drab website you still want to be included, then by all means, feel free to contact me.

You are certainly welcome to participate here, especially regarding mechanical game design discussion. You may find there’s not a lot of enthusiasm among the readers to discuss the explicit details that go into an AIF - at least publicly. I have published AIF and don’t discuss it here.

Please keep in mind how many standard AIF tropes - especially ones which are misogynist, heteronormative, insensitive to gender-diversity, and not sex-positive - are tricky third-rail subjects even when discussed with the best of intentions. These will be subject to close moderation, ensuring they conform to our Code of Conduct to maintain respect for our diverse community.

If you aren’t able to get the information you need here, I can recommend some other locations that do specialize in specific AIF discussion:

AIF Central reddit:
Yahoo Groups: aifarchive -
AIF Central blog: lots of links to other blogs and resources -
AIF Newsletter: Not updated very frequently but has an archive list of historical AIF -