An idea: Split game and review feeds on IFDB?

I was looking at IFDB’s front page, and it occurred to me that the rate of review posts is so high that new games are usually on the front page for less than a day.

Reviews are great, and IFDB is certainly set up to encourage them, but spreading awareness of new games is at least as important as spreading awareness of the reactions to them. It might be nice to have a separate feed of the five or so most recently-submitted games on the front page as a feed separate from the reviews; that way they might linger a week or more on the front page.

Game news announcements could be on the same feed as the games themselves. Competition pages could be, as well, though it might be useful to have the most recent competition be on the front page at all times, as a way of bringing attention to them (and the games in them), as well.

Care to share your opinion?


Splitting the reviews and new game presentation on the front pages would seem to be a good idea. Possible allow the new games to be retained longer by default.


Yeah I’ve been thinking about this too (mainly cause I’ve been dumping my reviews recently - sorry). Keeping New Release and Game News together would be fine tho.
The reviews def need a separate box.

Same with having a separate list for Recommendation Lists!
There are so few of them on the site, and they usually are just a little blip on the news…

With competition pages very often being set at the same time of adding games to the IFDB, I’m honestly ambivalent about it.


For reference, the VNDB separate it too:

Released, Reviews, and other Discussions…
(I do prefer the portrait formatting of the IFDB)


If IFDB did split reviews and games, would people prefer side-by-side (on desktop, at least), or ‘stacked’? And if they were vertically stacked, would you prefer to have games first or reviews first?

If there was a change to add a game-only feed, it would be nice to have an option that displayed cover art for the game feed.

For my personal opinion, I feel like I’d need to see it first to see how it feels; it could end up being really cluttered to have both games and reviews or make it hard to find one or the other. I wonder if someone could do a mockup? I might try messing around with some html to see what it would look like.


Side-by-side. Games left - Reviews Middle - Menu Left

It would be nice, but it may make the page a bit heavier to load no?

I had messed with it like a few days ago with the Inspect Tool and I didn’t think about saving it…
But I also had:

  • the Polls and the Recommended List next to one another,
  • the New to IF? above the Menu list
  • reorganised the side menu to be ordered by [Games / Recommendations / Polls / Competition]

ok a few min of messing again:

It would look better when filled properly obv

Also saw this in the source code:


How would this look on mobile?


New games/reviews should be up for at least a week to allow busy people to catch up.


I think stacked for mobile, or it’d get too cramped
Something like:

  • New Releases
  • New Reviews
  • New Rec Lists
  • New Polls



Ìch send weekyy digest by email. (Thx again @Warrigal for poining out seedcomp making te highlights recentl). They curate what’s ther, due to how bigitch is, but ifdbd wouldn’t have that problemm.

Tl;dr: I could see people wanting ti subscribe to aroughly weekly amd/or monthly ifdb newsletter, that icludes all new games and top reviewsp; a digest in their inbox. (Auto-generated, not necesarilky hand written, tbc.)

Transcription for those wanting

I’d send weekly digests by email. (Thanks again [Garry] for pointing out SeedComp! making the highlights recently [on the jam digest]). [] curate what’s there, due to how big it is, but the IFDB wouldn’t have that problem.

TLDR: I could see people wanting to subscribe to a roughly weekly and/or monthly IFDB newsletter, that includes all new games and top reviews: a diges in their inbox. (Auto-generated, not necessarily hand-written, tbc)

That’s a neat idea! Might be a bit complicated during Comp season (esp the IFComp) to list all new works (thought they could send the comp page instead of the separate listing). It does seem like a nice way to hightlight what’s happening in the community :100:
Might even be more accessible to peeps who can’t use RSS feeds (for a reason or another)


Thnk you for helpng. Hard tovtype. Sincerely appreciat thar.

Also heps gamesc released outof comp with litle fanfair.

Ferkung just released a seecomp game they startd for last years comp. (Snce its bases on a seed frm last year, they dont want it in 2024 seedcomp.)

“I um, made a weird zzt world and it was fun”
After the Accident by ferkung

Having a separate feed on hme page as well as a digestemail would both help such gamsc not get lost.

(Cograts on finshing. Were very proud of you!!)

Plase give Ferkungg wwll deserved par on thr back!


No worries :wink:


Also it helps games released outside of the competition periods, giving them a little fanfare.
Ferkung just released a SeedComp! game they started for last year’s comp (since it’s based on seeds from last year, they don’t want it in the 2024 edition of the SeedComp!)/

[Quote link]
A separate feed on the home page, as well as the digest email, would both help [giving the game attention]
(Congrats on finishing. We’re very proud of you!!)
Please give @ferkung well a deserved pat on the back!


I like the things in the way they are now.


Nothinb wrong with thhat.

Sometimds no change is te safest change… :heart: