"An error occured while saving a story"

Hello everyone!

I’m super-new to Twine, in fact I’ve just downloaded it a couple of days ago and slowly learning the basics through tutorials.

I had just finished my first basic story for practice, I saved it in a folder on my laptop and the I closed twine.
Once closed, this error popped up:

Screenshot 2020-05-15 11.16.16

If I press OK, it comes up again and again and again.
Anyone can help?
I’m using twine on Windows 10.

Please let me know if you need further information to help me find a solution.

Many thanks.

Maybe: https://github.com/klembot/twinejs/issues/637

So, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we were able to find this one. I don’t know the reason why, someone with more programming knowledge than me will likely come along and solve that riddle, but this seems to be some programs viewing its behavior as a virus and killing it when it tries to update the story.

I was able to solve this on 2 systems by adding it to Window Defender’s whitelist. To do this, go to Windows Security, click on ‘Virus and Threat Protection’ , then click on ‘manage settings’ underneath ‘Virus and Threat Protection settings’. You can test if this will work for you by turning off the real time protection, then adding a paragraph or two to your twine project and closing. If it fixes the error, this is your problem.

Real time protection won’t STAY off in windows though, so we need to be more permanent. Scroll down to Exclusions and click ‘add or remove exclusions’. Click ‘Add an exclusion’ and type ‘Twine.exe’ (cases sensitive). Save. You should now be golden.

If you run another virus protection program, like Bitdefender, you may need to do this on that one as well. Good luck!


Thank you very much for your help.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to work since the error keeps popping up. :confused:

The OP suggested this:

The only way I can save any work I do is to Archive the story and then Import From File again each time.

You could just use the browser version in the meantime and keep backups of your archive locally in case your cookies get cleared.

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Done, but the error keeps popping up.
Moreover, when I open twine, one of the two test stories I wrote is back there even though I previously deleted it.

I guess there’s a problem with that specific story/file, but have no idea on how to address it.

Are the file names the same?

As in my story in twine and the related saved file in the folder are named the same?
Yes, they are.

I mean the text story file names. You said one was undeleted but your new one won’t save so I’m wondering if Twine is confused between the two.

For example, if your first file was named “MyStory.http”, twine probably makes a mental note to connect that file with your first story. If you delete it and start a second one but name it the same file name, Twine might think it’s still the first story and thus it might seem like your old one was undeleted and the new one can’t save (cause Twine technically doesn’t know what it is).

Try changing the file name or the save location.

Hey, I’m sorry, but got frustrated and just uninstalled it and started using it in my browser instead.

Thank you anyway for trying to help me.

P.S.: I gave a look at your last game and looks cool. I might play it soon. :smiley:

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Sorry you couldn’t figure it out but I hope the browser doesn’t give you any problems. Just be careful when clearing your browser’s cookies since that’s where the story’s data is stored.

Thanks :blush: I hope you like it

I don’t know how to solve the problem, unfortunately, but I just wanted to say that this dialog box is absolutely priceless.

Red angry crosses everywhere, errors, destruction, data loss, and objectification of stories. And to top it off, you’re forced to respond that this is “OK”.

This kind of interactive situation creates a disconnect between player and player character, and should at the very least be mitigated by a false choice. Perhaps between “Oh, it’s probably my fault” and “How dare you, you backstabbing box of blinkenlights!”, both with the exact same result.

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Twine stores the project’s Name and its associated unique IFID (along with other project information) in the attributes of the <tw-storydata> element that is contained within the Story HTML files you generate. The same element is also contained within your Twine 2.x project HTML files.

The file-name of a Story HTML file has no effect what so ever on a project’s Name, this is why renaming a Story HTML file has no effect on the name of a project when you import it into the Twine 2.x application.

eg. the following is an example of such a <tw-storydata> element…

<tw-storydata name="Test SugarCube Project" startnode="1" creator="Twine" creator-version="2.3.8" ifid="04BA0C91-E1DD-4691-B1FE-BE8802441FA4" zoom="1" format="SugarCube" format-version="2.30.0" options="" hidden>
	/* ... the project's Passages and other elements... */
	<tw-passagedata pid="1" name="Start" tags="" position="350,100" size="100,100">The first Passage of the project...</tw-passagedata>

You need to manually edit the Name and unique IFID if you want to create a 2nd project from an existing Story HTML file.