"An Apple II Build Chain for Inform"

Talk from KansasFest 2017. Michael Sternberg talked about building an Inform 6 game and getting it into an Apple 2 disk, with Infocom’s Apple 2 Z-interpreter, so that it’s a playable game.

16kram.com/2017/07/20/an-apple- … or-inform/

(Video forthcoming, I am told.)

I believe you can already watch the talk in the recorded livestream:


(The talk starts 8 hrs, 6 min, and 7 secs into the video runtime.)


I think you might be able to do a TRS80 version as well. I’ve had some success ccross compiling modern code for one (say a 48K machine) using SDCC. The trick is to change nearly all your code to use “char”. :slight_smile:

PS. https seems to have stopped?