An Adventuron Christmas Jam : Winners Announced

Congrats to @Errol for placing 1st in the Adventuron Christmas Jam with PRESENT QUEST - a parser-based life-sim with many twists and turns.

Jam Results

Lots of variety in this jam, with verb noun games, verbose interactive fiction style games, life sims, games with bespoke soundtracks, lots of pixel art, games that REALLY push the limits of Adventuron ( @Warrigal ), and a lot more.

A huge thank you to everyone that participants, all of which will be contacted about their prizes in the next few days In theory (unless there are import restrictions or refused prizes), everyone gets a prize too!

Thanks to everyone once again. I invite everyone to use this thread to discuss their experience of games in the jam, or their experiences entering the jam.

P.S. The next jam is going to be very different indeed. Watch out for it. If you would like to sponsor it in any way (small or large), send me a direct message.


Every Adventuron jam is a lot of fun and this one was no different. Thanks to @adventuron for organising it.

I was so busy this time around, that I didn’t get a chance to play or rate any of the games. I’m looking forward to doing that soon (playing, not rating). Congratulations to @Errol on his first public Adventuron game and to all the other participants on the high quality of all the games. Judging by the results, there was some pretty tough competition, as the results were very close and quite a few different games received the #1 vote in the individual voting categories, like story, graphics, puzzles and so on.

I’m looking forward to the next one.


Congratulations Errol! A worthy winner in a very strong field of games. The overall number of votes cast shows an encouraging amount of interest in the jam this time round.


Thank you, @Warrigal and @ChristopherMerriner! I’m very glad there was more interest in Adventuron. I do enjoy using it and hope more people get a chance to see it.

And thanks to @adventuron for running the jam! I mentioned this before, but there were many things I learned from participating, and I had a great time playing games and interacting with the community.

And Chris helped me so much! It was wonderful!