Amendments to babel code

How does one go about making amendments to Babel? Is it just a case of emailing them to Zarf?

I’m starting to test whether it can read ADRIFT Blorbs, and I’m getting a lot of “Error: Did not recognize format of story file” type messages. Looking at the source, blorb seems to be hard-wired for zcode, glulx, tads2 and tads3. It’s also not picking up the IFID from the TAF or Blorbs, so I guess I need to flesh out adrift.c.

But my main question is, is the source held in a central repository anywhere, so I can update 0.2b to 0.2c or whatever?


You mean the “Babel Software Suite” ( I never had anything to do with that. I guess you want to talk to Ross (DorianX).

If he doesn’t have a repository somewhere, then yes, you can send me an updated version and I’ll add it to the site.

Ok, thanks, will do.