Alternatives to strikethrough text?

Hey All-

I have a list of things in my game that I’d like to be able to mark somehow as “done”, but I don’t want to eliminate them. Just let the player know they’ve already done that.

I gather that getting strikethrough text to work is spotty based on interpreters, so I wonder what y’all think about alternatives. Does anyone have opinions on an effect that would signal the same thing to the player as strikethrough?

It depends a bit on the desired layout, but one simple way would be to emulate the look of a to-do list. Have empty brackets for things to be done, and fill the brackets either with a Unicode check mark or a simple x.

Inform code:

When play begins:
	say "[bracket]x[close bracket] started the game.";
	say "[bracket]  [close bracket] solved the game.";
	say "Now with Unicode:[line break]";
	say "[bracket]✓[close bracket] started the game.";
	say "[bracket][Unicode 10003][close bracket] saw some Unicode signs."

This will result in:

[x] started the game.
[ ] solved the game.
Now with Unicode:
[✓] started the game.
[✓] saw some Unicode signs.

Both methods work fine in Lectrote and Windows Glulxe.

If desired, you could also turn on [fixed letter spacing] for a better layout.


Love the check mark. I think this will work fine. Thanks!

I would certainly use this (I really dislike uneven alignment :smiley:) in someway like this (don’t really do Inform7 so don’t be too hard on me for the syntax):

	say "[bracket][fixed letter spacing]x[variable letter spacing][close bracket] started the game.";
	say "[bracket][fixed letter spacing]  [variable letter spacing][close bracket] solved the game.";

To produce output like:

[x] started the game.
[ ] solved the game.

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