Alternative to Frotz for IOS

Are there any other IF interpreters for IOS other than Frotz? I assume Frotz doesn’t play Glulx games, so I was hoping for some way around this for when I am playing away from my PC.

Thank you for your help in advance!

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frotz does play glulx games

Thank you for your help!

quite welcome! now we just need a mapping tool. and one for macs…

You have both, even if it looks so outdated.

please elaborate!

A pen and a piece of paper! :slight_smile:

(sorry, I’m being childish but it was too much of a temptation)

Quite alright. I love to draw maps, but not in the subway.

Thats exactly my issue. I eant to be able to play on the bus whilst also mapping!

I’m also looking for an alternative, as Frotz doesn’t play TADS, does it?

My Google-fu says “no”.

Just wondering if there are in fact any alternatives yet? I really want to play the king oh shreds and patches, but frotz glitches up when I load the game, then eventually crashed so I guess it’s support for glulx games is somewhat limited still. There’s a dedicated android app of the game and versions for kindle, but I don’t have a kindle or an android tablet and there is no ios version available at the moment but I’d like to be able to play the game during my commutes.

The author has not released a dedicated iOS app for KoSaP, so Frotz is all you’ve got. You could report the crash to the iOS Frotz maintainer.

Yes, the iOS Frotz maintainer is pretty active. He often replies quite quickly to bug reports.

come to android, dude :wink:

besides a cheaper device, also a far more liberal software landscape (for good or ill)

Son of Hunky Punk is the best parser-based IF terp I know of. It handles zcode and tads.

Plus, you don’t “type”, you swype over letters to form words… much faster and easier on touchscreen. It’s an input method in most android devices except the cheapest (though you can still buy it standalone)

That’s helpful. “Yeah, here’s an alternative, buy a new device with a new OS”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I didn’t know about the swiping method of typing. A quick google shows it does seem to be widely regarded as a major improvement.

And I’ll grant you that playing Tads is a plus, though the maintainter of iFrotz told me he wished to add Tads support to iFrotz (and I’m being a nuisance because instead of letting him go ahead and do that, I keep filing bug reports for every single game I find which doesn’t work 100% :wink: )

Finally, yeah, the “liberal software landscape” is a huge plus.

Having said that… I love my little iPod and my little iFrotz and the FileApp file manager I use to keep it all sorted, and I doubt I’d go changing over, especially given that iFrotz does have active support. :smiley:

I’d think that the overall goal would be to have as many interpreters as possible for as many devices as possible… as opposed to switching from one device to another.

so what’s the use of having as many terps for as many devices? :laughing:

granted I did say that with tongue-in-cheek

Because having “a single interpreter for as many devices as possible” means almost every platform can run ZCode and only a couple can run TADS, or HUGO, or Alan, or Magnetic Scrolls, or Level 9, or Scott Adams…

…whereas “many terps for many devices” mean more games playable on more platforms.

Gargoyle, for me, is a bust - it does play most games fine, but without the multimedia TADS capability, it fails my personal minimum requirements. Plus it can’t play z6 games.

Thanks for this thread! Since all glulx games I tried did not work on my iFrotz, I thought that glulx is not supported…
Now I learned that there is “only” a problem with those games!

(I mostly tried german games and I saw that Peter had many problems with spanish games so maybe the support for foreign languages in glulx games is not perfect in iFrotz. (Z-code games in foreign languages don’t have this problem…))

I have tried iFrotz on my iPad mini, and it’s much easer than on a tiny phone.

Swype entry is quite good if you get the hang of it and the interpreter will do it.

I suddenly want a tablet interpreter that has a built in notepad and simple drawing interface for maps (swipe from the right, you get a blank page, tap to add squares for rooms, drag to draw lines between. You might not need to label the rooms, but each would have a text field.

Even better - Make Trizbort into an interpreter that draws the map of any game for you.