Alone Among the Stars

Hi all! I just released a little Twine game called Alone Among the Stars. It’s an adaptation of a solo TTRPG that has the player drawing cards to discover new planets, creatures, ruins, and natural phenomena in space, and then journaling about what they find. Check it out—it skirts the boundaries of interactive fiction (there’s no predetermined plot, only the one you make yourself over the course of the game) but I think it’s a cool little use of the system:

Thanks to everyone on the forum who helped answer my questions while I was putting this together, I really appreciate your time.


I get this error while trying to load it (Chromium)

index.html:497 Error: no valid storage adapters found
    at Object.e (index.html:491)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (index.html:497)
    at l (index.html:61)
    at c (index.html:61)
(anonymous)	@	index.html:497
alone-among-the-star…p79V2clqj%2b8Y%3d:1 Failed to load 
resource: the server responded with a status of 410 (Gone)

Thanks! I will investigate.

I got the following error on Firefox:

Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

Error: no valid storage adapters found.

Stack Trace:

but I was able to run it on Chrome.

(A fair number of things break on my Firefox, so the problem may not be on your end.)

Also this was very nice!

Sorry for the late response, Matt. I will investigate that too! I’ll admit I mostly tested it on Chrome.

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