All passages disappeared in Twine overview?

Twine Version: 2.3.16 (Sugarcube 2)

Hello! I’ve just encountered a very strange issue that’s halted my progress. While working in Twine application I attempted to scroll out and move some passages in the branching passage overview. While doing this, it seemed as if my selection was not quite correct and I couldn’t get it to select what I meant to. Then all of my passages became pressed together in the top left corner of the viewport.

Confused and wondering if it was just a visual bug, I closed and reopened the program to find all of my passages now invisible. Testing the story shows that all of the passages are still there, but I can’t find them at all in the viewport. The “heatmap” of circles in the story library makes it seem as if all of my passages are overlapped in the top left corner, just out of view of the window.

UPDATE: I have been able to reproduce this by holding ALT and scrolling the mouse wheel upwards, leading to what looks like both the zoomed out and zoomed in grids at the same time. Once this is done, any passages that are moved in this state seem to get stuck in limbo while unmoved passages are fine.

I couldn’t find quite the same issue in any of my searching, so I must ask if this is an issue anyone here knows how to fix. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Hmm, I can’t reproduce in mine. Ah, but Twine 2.3.16 is almost two years ago now. Twine has definitely had bugs in the past that break the positions by setting them to bad values so they’re not rendered.

If you have a text editor you may be able to open the published HTML file in it and try searching for position="NaN,NaN" (NaN means “Not a Number”) and replacing them with position="0,0" to get them at least back on screen where you can drag and lay them out again?

I don’t know that there’s any easy fix: the positions are probably lost unless Twine has saved an old enough backup in the Twine/Backups folder…

But I believe this has been fixed in more recent versions of Twine: I don’t think I’ve seen anyone report passages getting stuck in limbo in quite a while now, and holding Alt and scrolling the mousewheel doesn’t seem to make the display funny or mess with moving passages for me…

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Thank you very much, going through a text editor pulled everything back on screen! Sounds like I need to update, thanks for the info!