ALL DOS Interactive Fiction games

Hi everyone, I grew up on old adventure games like King’s Quest, but had never played interactive fiction before.

That all changed recently. I recently embarked on a quest to play and finish all adventure games to have ever been released for MS-DOS, including interactive fiction. By’ count, that’s 751 games, including roughly 300 of the IF variety!

I’m streaming all the games I play on, where you’re of course more likely to find modern video game fare like League of Legends than classics like A Mind Forever Voyaging. So with that said, I really could use any interested people from the IF community to come out and help support me in this epic project by dropping by to catch my stream from time to time and say hello.

At the moment, I’m on game #12 of 751. And with respect to interactive fiction specifically, I’ve completed Fahrenheit 451 (game 10) and am now in the midst of Fish! from Magnetic Scrolls.

If you have any interest in this project, you can see the list of games I am playing at, where viewers are deciding the order of the games I’m playing.

Thanks in advance!
HipolitoPichardo :slight_smile:

That’s most interesting. From experience, though, you should know that a lot of the DOS games are also available in other flavours.

For some games, like Fahrenheit and Amazon and Mindwheel, there are versions for Commodore, or Apple II, and they have two big advantages:

a) Normally, better graphics, and

b) The use of save-state via emulators.

The Magnetic Scrolls games (and Level 9) can also be played with an interpreter.

If you’re going on a DOS binge, knock yourself out. :slight_smile: But if you want to consider playing some games in a more pleasant fashion, consider looking for ports! A game old enough to exist in DOS and Amiga, or Commodore, or Apple II, is usually best played on a non-DOS platform. That also goes for the Inform games in your list.

EDIT - If you find yourself having difficulties in locating an IF DOS game, drop me a line. We may be able to look together, or I may already have it. Cheers

Thanks, Peter, much appreciated!

I am making use of front-end software such as ScummVM and D-Fend Reloaded (for DOSBox) to make some of the logistics a bit easier and make sure the focus is on the gameplay. But point well taken … if some of the DOS versions do become problematic, I will keep that in mind!