Alexa Interactive Adventure Game Tool

Has anyone here tried the new Amazon Alexa Interactive Adventure Game Tool yet? There has to be a better acronym for that… AAIAGT doesn’t really roll off the tongue smoothly…

I haven’t, though I’m usually voracious explorer of new development systems. My concern is the audience who both has Alexa and plays IF might all fit in my kitchen for dinner.

I’d love to be proven wrong though.

On edit: Okay. I did glance at it. It looks nice, and I assume that the thing narrates for you? This seems like an excellent way to make a narrative accessible to the visually-impaired.

I think theres an app version of Alexa if one wished to test a “game” without owning an actual alexa.

There is both an app (Reverb) and a website ( for using Alexa whilst not having an alexa device.
I’d have to agree with Hanon, as both an IF fan and visually impaired, this toolkit thing could possibly be used to bring different narratives to the blind community.