Alan translation


I compiled the recent version of Alan and then tried to translate standart library to Russian.

Here is my definition of verb ‘спать’ (sleep) in lib_verbs.i:

SYNTAX 'спать' = 'спать'.

VERB 'спать'
		"There's no need to $v right now."

SYNONYMS 'отдыхать' = 'спать'.

It successfully compiles, but when I run Alan interpreter and type ‘спать’ I get

The word '?' is not understood.

When I run Alan with -u key (Unicode) and type the same command I get:

Conversion of command input from UTF-8 failed...
That was not understood.

If I compile the game with keys
--encoding utf8 or --charset utf8

I get:

SYSTEM ERROR: error converting from UTF-8 in 'readWithConversionFromUtf8()', converter.c:133

The game source file is utf-8 encoded. Does it support unicode at all or just ISO-8859-1?