ALAN 2 Linux IDE Shell Script (planning)

Inspired by CLI Inform 7, and also to make a more organized way of my programming, I am in the planning process of making a simple IDE for use and development of ALAN 2. I am sure others have done this already no doubt, not to mention that it is no Inform 7 and could call almost any notepad on the Linux (possibly even Unix-like systems of any type), and with plans of using scripts to link compilers and interpreters (although intended for me to use for developing ALAN 2 and possibly 3 games) it very possible to even use this for Inform 6, TADS (2 and 3) and even Hugo. The design is simple. The proposed planning of the script is thusly:

Create a Linux-based shell script that:

Is option based.

That asks, links and executes text editors, compilers
and interpreters that are either installed on system or
locally from the /home/user partition.

That ask, creates and stores files at chosen directory
in the /home/user partition.

Possible creation of a script block for generating command-line
interpreter scripts for executing finished storyfile.

Possible creation of a play-test function for gargoyle or even set compiler.

Once again, as I said this was originally something I planned privately for me to use for storyfile development. But once done, I am willing to post the shell script on here if anyone is interested, however my coding might be messy but yet should be legible at best.


please post; I’m interested.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.