Akkoteaque Open Beta

Good evening kind IF players. You likely remember Akkoteaque from IntroComp, where it came in second place. The game is very near ‘complete’. Before I make an official release, however, I wanted to open it up to a public beta.

You play as an orphaned girl, headed off to live with her awful Grandmother on an island that you would probably consider paradise if it weren’t for the fact that you’re such a cynical little brat. Your first experience with the island involves a very disagreeable water fowl, and from there things just get stranger.

Here’s where you can find the game: omnisu.com/inform/
There is a map as well: omnisu.com/inform/akkomap.txt

This is my first work in Inform of any appreciable size, and it will be the first piece of interactive fiction I’ve actually published. I plan on releasing the source as well, as I expect it will be a great example of what not to do. The game is fairly large (I think), and I didn’t do a great job of keeping track of what I still had to do, so please let me know if something seems like it’s missing - because it probably is and I just haven’t realized it.

I approve of people releasing their source even when it looks horrible, if only because it makes life as a reviewer infinitely easier. So go you for being brave.

I’ll totally take a look at this once I’ve got through the Comp entries and made some progress on a couple of other IF-y commitments.