Aimfiz 0.8 working link

Hello all:

Does anyone have a working link to Aimfiz 0.8? The link at i.e. doesn’t seem to be working anymore, and unfortunately the Wayback Machine doesn’t do the trick for me.

If someone has a working link to this… that would be great!


I don’t believe there’s a working link anymore (it was never uploaded to the ifarchive), but zzo38 frequents this board, so he may be able to advise.

(My understanding is that Aimfiz attempts to replicate the original Infocom Z-machine as precisely as possible, so it won’t run many modern games that target the Z-Machine Standards 1.1. Fweep is similar, but is available on the ifarchive; I’ve occasionally found it interesting/useful as an example of an extremely minimal ANSI C z-machine.)

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I do not have it on this new computer, although you can also try ZORKMID, which includes a debugger. (Later, EZORKMID can also be invented.)

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