Ailihphilia (2018 IFComp game) release 4

Hello everyone.

I’d hoped to make this announcement on February 20th, because the release date would be 2/20/2022, but it didn’t quite work out! Instead, I settled for 2/28/22 (yes, this post is on the 1st of March my time. But the release date in the binary is the 28th.)

Ailihphilia release 4 is now up on and will be in ifarchive, in (I assume) this folder.

I didn’t get everything in that I wanted, but I got a lot of small bug fixes and flavor text I’d meant to.

The big thing was to make the chases with the goat and wisp so that if you went into a useless dead end, the game blocked you from entering when re-trying. I’m really pleased with having written and tested the code.

There are also some more random name repositories. There’s a list of posh names (3 names in a row) for a party at the restaurant.

There may be another release planned for March 20, 2023, because 3/20/2023. It will probably have more bug fixes and tests for obscure cases including clever responses to good tries. Though of course I do want to move on for good!

The source is here on BitBucket but I wish to move it to GitHub (link not operational yet) in the near future.