AGT Modifications

Hello again.

During the winter, with all of the other rotten things happening, I’ve been altering the AGT engine in some ways. Some of them are quite useful, here they are:

  1. AGT can itself change text colors. This is good for “SanctuaryRPG Black” visuals. It is done by the game itself.

  2. AGT can now handle three or more same-nouns in one place. So you can have a puzzle involving three or more cubes for example, where stacking them has different effects. This was done by allowing AGT to recognize different objects.

  3. Worn items now count towards weight.

  4. Worn items can now act as light sources.

  5. Creatures can now act as light sources.

  6. The quirk where a box can hold any number of items as long as none of them are too big is no more.

  7. A trick where you can carry more weight than you should no longer works.

  8. A new verb, Situate, to be used with ON only. This was an early effort to require specific prepositions.

  9. AGT can now filter prepositions. If you have a solid bronze block pushed against a smooth wall on a marble floor you can have it so nothing can be put UNDER or BEHIND it. This can also be used to require a specific action, like putting a bob of bronze UNDER the stamp.

  10. The ability for AGT to put something UNDER, ON, BEHIND, etc. something. This can be done by default but this also allows AGT to move something around in this way.

  11. Fixing sloppy-looking text. This may have been because the programmers figured people were using 40-column screens.

  12. A number of techniques enabling AGT to do more than the instructions indicate. For example, detailed descriptions of creatures are possible.


Sounds good.

As an aside, i never really bother trying to model “Under” or “behind” in a relational way. That is to say, the system knows about these objects relationships as distinct from others like “in” or “on.”

The closest is when you need to “look behind X” or “look under X” to find something. Whereupon it immediately pops out into a standard object relationship. eg carried or just at the location.

Pretty cool if AGT can cope with those tho.


Well, that part just seemed to beg for something.

The problem was if something like an immovable chest or block was pressed against the wall on a smooth floor, how could you hide a sword under it? If it is behind or under something that implies it’s hidden. This way it’s no longer a problem.

It has an additional advantage- placing something somewhere can depend on where you place it. There is a cube floating above an altar. Place the gem ON the cube A happens; place it under the cube (or on the altar) and the cube smashes on it, destroying it.

There is the altar. You are a crooked priest. You are supposed to put the gem ON the altar but try to hide it UNDER- a ferret steals it. Try to hide it BEHIND and your arm gets caught.

The options are expanded, and logical problems are dealt with.

PrepIS Demonstration 01