AGS being made open source.

So far, just the editor, but there’s the possibility of the compiler and runtime also being opened up later on. Artistic License 2.0, so GPL-compatible.

Wow. This is… quite a change in the AGS world. I suppose it had to happen - CJ couldn’t keep doing it all himself, it was either that or assemble a crew like the Inform crew.

I hope it doesn’t spiral out of control, the way he was always afraid it would.

Interesting, what with Quest doing the same. Half considered it myself a while back when contemplating how much work was still left to do.

If you do, please allow Adrift to compile to a .i7x Inform extension. Textfyre could really use that for its writers. As-is, a programmer must take the writer’s word processing document and spend a lot of time fidgeting with it. That isn’t a good use of a programmer’s time – programmers aren’t typists – and it isn’t really a good use of the game designer’s time, though mundane stuff like that frequently falls within their purview. It’d be better for a writer’s GUI tool to generate ready-to-go code-prose which the programmer could easily include… or not include, if he’s caught in an edit-compile-test-edit loop trying to nail a bug; not compiling the prose into the game really speeds that up.