After Not Doing Something by Ron Newcomb

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This seems like a great extension, and I wished I’d thought of it for printing the messages for failed NPC actions in Faithful Companion (which I wound up doing by a messy process of casting them to requests so the Unsuccessful Attempt rules would fire).

This extension being a prerequisite for Problem-Solving Characters, and me very much wanting to use that extension in L602, I took a crack at resolving what looked to be a small fix in the I6 code to make it compatible with L602. I don’t actually know I6, I was just applying basic logic against the problem, so I don’t know if what I did could have unintended consequences because something else needs doing, but this seems to have worked so far.

If anyone who actually knows I6 would like to confirm, validate, or distribute (assuming there are no issues)…


		if (rv == false && RulebookFailed()) {
			save1 = rulechange_stack-->rulechange_sp;
			save2 = rulechange_stack-->(rulechange_sp + 1);
			save3 = rulechange_stack-->(rulechange_sp + 2);  

			actor = previous_actor;
			ProcessRulebook((+ the after not rules +));

			rulechange_stack-->rulechange_sp  = save1;
			rulechange_stack-->(rulechange_sp + 1) = save2;
			rulechange_stack-->(rulechange_sp + 2) = save3;


		if (rv == false && RulebookFailed()) {
			save1 = latest_rule_result-->0;
			save2 = latest_rule_result-->1;
			save3 = latest_rule_result-->2;  

			actor = previous_actor;
			FollowRulebook((+ the after not rules +));

			latest_rule_result-->0  = save1;
			latest_rule_result-->1 = save2;
			latest_rule_result-->2 = save3;

Since extensions have been rather hard to get to with the Public Library issues on Windows (6L02) and IDE issues on Mac (6L38) I haven’t yet made updating extensions a priority. (Plus I’ve recently gotten married, moved apartments, dealt with US immigration, became an official journalist at PAX, dealt with US immigration, took a new position in my company’s R&D division, and dealt with US immigration, … I seem to lack time for myself.)

This is what is on my hard drive for this extension, which seems to work in 6L02 but if I hadn’t released it yet, well, maybe I found some case where it still doesn’t work.

I’ve attached the 6L38 version here:
After not doing something.i7x (2.19 KB)