Advice on uploading a Twine ZIP to WIX

Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to upload a completed Twine game packaged in a ZIP file (because it has embedded images) onto a Wix homesite. After much research, I have found info about importing HTML code but not a fully ZIP’d folder.

Thanks in advance!

When you say “how to upload” do you mean:

  1. so the ZIP file can be later downloads by others, so they can unzip its contents on to their local hard-drive.
  2. so the HTML file contained within the ZIP file can be viewed as is it was a web-page on the site.
  3. something else.

Hi there, thank you for responding. To answer your question: #2. I am trying to publish my Twine folder packaged in a ZIP onto WIX and use the web provider to host the game on my homepage. I have it on, but I was hoping to cut out the middle man and just make it accessible directly on my site.