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Hi all,

I’d like to know if thre’s any way to view an Adventuron transcript while it’s being generated. If I’m playing offline, it should be stored somewhere on my machine, right?

If there’s no way to do this, I may choose not to play Adventuron games as being able to see all the text that’s already been outputted is important to my playing experience.


Not that I’m aware of. I remember asking @adventuron about that a while ago. On the list to add, I think, but not implemented yet.

I’d be delighted to discover that I’m wrong.

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As far as I know, your history is stored in the browser’s cache.

You can use the Page Up/Page Down keys or the mouse wheel to scroll up and down through your recent history, but this is obliterated when you move to a new room or type LOOK.

You can use TSTART to start a transcript and TSTOP to stop it, but it doesn’t prompt for a file name until you stop it. If it’s really that important to you, you can use this each time you want to refer to the file.

I don’t think you should ditch Adventuron just because it doesn’t have full on-screen scrollback, as very few systems have this. It’s actually the interpreter that provides this feature, not the engine. If you ditch Adventuron, you’ll be missing out on some very good games.

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Why on Earth did you do that? I’m not trying to write anything in Adventuron. This is a playing problem, not an authoring problem.

I’ve found files which have the same naming format as the ‘download links’ Adventuron uses in AppData/Local/Temp. But those don’t appear to be the actual files, and at any rate I can’t open them - they are “being used by another process”.

That does appear to be the issue, yes.

It’s impractical for me to do this at the frequency I would want to. And it would generate far too many files.

There are various contexts in which I’ve attempted to manually (by copy-and-paste) transcribe other interactive fiction (not Adventuron), and what I’ve found is it just takes all the energy out. I imagine TSTOPping and TSTARTing all the time would feel the same way.

Well, it’s the only Adventuron category, so the people who can potentially help you are more likely to see it there (or see it sooner), no matter that it says “Authoring” on the tin.


We like things tidy here! I suspect most people live in the “latest” tab of the forum, so your message will be visible, but when the aliens thousands of years from now are doing archaeological studies on this forum, searches will be optimized! :alien:


This isn’t directly responsive to the original question, but is potentially relevant to the utility of Adventuron transcripts: when testing Faeries of Healstowne, I noticed that there appears to be a hard limit on the size of the files TSTART generates, of 627 KB. Anything after that seems to get truncated, so if playing a large game (and in fairness, 627 KB of text is quite a lot, and nearly all Adventuron games are much, much smaller than Faeries!) it’s probably a good habit to occasionally use TSTOP to finalize a transcript and then TSTOP again to start a new file.


But… it’s not an authoring question.

Adventuron is a somewhat new development system.

Individuals that would be most likely to answer your question would be found in the Adventuron Category.


I don’t know. I mean, yeah, they would be able to help — but not only them. This is definitely a question about playing and not everyone that plays an Adventuron game also develops them and browses its forums.

For example, I don’t write TADS or Inform games, but I’d be able to answer questions regarding their interpreters, which is basically what this question is like.