[Adventuron] System messages messed up (in beta)

While I’m in the mood for bug reporting in adventuron.io/beta/, the take system messages are messed up, when you try to take something already in the inventory (1st attempt: ‘x is not here’, afterwards: ‘you can’t take it’). In the regular version, you get the correct response: ‘you already have the x’.

Resolved in beta,

Thanks, again!

When you give these fixes, can you please tell us what version it was fixed in so that we know whether or not we need to update

Garry, how are you accessing these other versions of beta (are there different URLs for each one)?

No, they’re all in beta. If you press F5 to refresh the web page, you get the latest version. It’s just nice to know which version the update was done in so that you know whether you need to do the update. You can see the current version by clicking the menu button. I just did an update to get the bug fix for hyperlinks so that I’m now using Beta 66.

Right, thanks. I tend to load it afresh each time in any case - and then things that didn’t work before magically begin working.

Chris, here’s another system message that is skewed in beta 66. The system message for an object that isn’t there:

1st time = “the [x] is not here”
2nd time and thereafter = “you can’t take it”

I noticed this because the second time round I get my custom “you can’t take that because it is scenery” message.

eg. try getting the banana in the room where it isn’t:

start_at = my_location

locations {

   my_location : location "You are in a room." ;
   my_location_2 : location "You are in another room." ;

connections {

   from, direction, to = [
      my_location, east, my_location_2, 

objects {
   cupboard : scenery "a cupboard"container_type="bag" at = "my_location" ;
   banana : object "a banana" at = "my_location" msg = "it's a giant berry, often mistaken for a fruit." ;

Please try beta 66a.