Adventuron links

Official web site
Home page

Adventuron editor
Adventuron Classroom (stable release for beginners)
Adventuron Classroom Beta (cutting edge release for advanced users)

Tutorial A - The Cave of Magic (30-60 minutes)
Tutorial B - Excalibur (3-4 hours)

Adventuron user guide (lots of other links at the bottom)
Adventuron cookbook (examples and code snippets)

Social media
Discord. See Adventuron home page and user guide for an invite link.

Game jams
The links are to the game jam’s Overview page. Click on Submissions to view the jam entries that are still available to play.
Adventuron CaveJam 2019
Adventuron Halloween Jam 2019
Treasure Hunt Jam 2020
The Next Adventure Jam 2020
Adventuron Christmas Jam 2020
Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2021
Concurso de iniciación a las aventuras de texto (Spanish) 2021
Cryptex Jam 2021

Links to games
Interactive Fiction Database (IFDB)
List maintained by Adventuron

Hints, walkthroughs, maps, solutions
Classic Adventure Solutions Archive (CASA)

Chris Ainsley’s blog
Adventuron blog

Adventure Games Podcast Episode 87 (Interview with Chris Ainsley)
Adventure Games Podcast Episode 104 (Second interview with Chris Ainsley)

Bugs and enhancement requests
Adventuron issue tracker at GitHub


Adventuron is developing nicely.


Some additional games…
Deer Creek Deer Creek - The Homophones Adventure (aimed at children)
Scout’s Honour Scout's Honour (created in 2018, originally using one of the first versions of Adventuron)
A Troll’s Revenge A Troll's Revenge (part of CaveJam mentioned above, but no longer hosted on itch)

Adventuron is a great system for old-school text adventures.


Hi Gareth. Your Adventuron games are all listed on IFDB. Although its listings are far from complete, it’s a good first place to start looking.

As Adventuron matures and improves, it is also good for ‘new-school’ text adventures, too. With its updated parser, you can now do pretty much anything you can do in Inform, albeit with a little extra work.


I just added an ifwiki page for Adventuron, which might be a good “first port of call” for interested parties.

You might notice one of the games there Garry.


Very nice. I’ve had a lot of fun on the discord server just meeting new people. It seems like people are making good stuff. And this set of links makes sense out of a few things people mentioned but I hadn’t asked. (That’s more me triaging what to ask, instead of being scared to.)

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