Adventuron has digestive problems?

I’m playing In a Tomb with a Donkey and i’ve noticed that UNDOing while making a transcript from an online game causes Adventuron to get the hiccups and burp up repetitions. I now remember that this also happened when playing Custard&Mustard online.

The transcript is downloaded to my computer upon entering UNDO and it continues to run normally in the game I’m playing.This produces overlaps and double-takes in the transcript. It occurs both when I UNDO myself and when the game asks me if I want to go back.

This is probably a known bug. Can something be done on my end to prevent this? It’s a pain searching through a transcript to delete double records.


I broached this subject with Adventuron over the breakfast table, and once they’d finished knocking teacups over and flinging toast around (they get a bit touchy about this sort of thing), they explained that they’re painfully aware of this one amongst many of their shortcomings, there’s nothing they can do about it, and above all, they can’t be blamed for the vagaries of their creator (the coincidentally named @adventuron). So you’ll just have to put up with it. OK? (Paraphrasing a little; there was more burping and expletives in the original).


I’m glad you’re on friendly terms with Adventuron these days. I daren’t imagine what would have happened had you touched on this issue in the early days of your relationship.