Adventuron Documentation

Is there further documentation for Adventuron and more specifically for the beta and betabeta of Adventuron Classroom?

Ideally, what I’d like is a full list of all existing commands and settings grouped by categories. A “cheat sheet”, so to speak. Does anything like this exist? It wouldn’t even have to describe the commands, just list them.

I do use CTRL + SPACE BAR in the editor and that’s been quite helpful.

So far, I’m just reading the user guide and the cookbook.


So the betabeta docs are here:

(actually accessible from the ‘user guide’ link, just below the play button in the editor - which I never even noticed before @Grizel pointed it out).

I don’t think there’s anything like a cheat sheet, but I do recall there were a couple of other sets of super-secret / unofficial / experimental documents floating around detailing some of Adventuron’s many, many surprising and extraordinary (and otherwise undocumented) features. One set by @Errol I recall? Not sure where to find those now, and they’re probably out of date in any case, but if anyone remembers what I’m talking about @Warrigal will.


Thanks, man! That link is perfect!

I must have “man eyes” because I never noticed that User Guide button either. Like, it never even entered my consciousness. It makes total sense now that @Grizel had to point it out to us. :wink:

I just figured out right-clicking in the editor. Pretty soon I’ll be able to tie my own shoes, I swear!

Right-click → Hovers in the editor is very helpful!


Errol’s guide is an enhancement of Chris’ guide and can be found at Errol’s Adventuron Beta Reference Guide. It’s probably a bit out of date now, but certainly worth a look.


There’s definitely a few more nuggets of wisdom in Errol’s guide. It’s very worthwhile to read.

Thanks to both of you for the help! I feel like I’m heading in the right direction now.

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