Adventuron - can the font size be increased when playing?

I’m trying to judge a ParserComp game but have found the font size uncomfortable for me with my reading problems from a progressive neurological disease. I’ve tried increasing the font size displayed in the browser (Firefox on my Mac laptop) but it won’t stick. Is there anything built in to the Adventuron system to allow font to be changed? I do already (and usually) have my laptop running at the most zoomed in (low) resolution to give larger text.

Thanks very much for any help. I’ve tried to check the Adventuron User Guide for any clues, but the site isn’t loading.

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Ah not sure why it’s working now but increasing font size in Firefox is now working for me. So I think I’m good. I’d still be grateful to know if there is any in game font change options. I now have it running at a massive font :slight_smile:


The font scaling in Adventuron is weird to say the least. As you resize your browser window, the font scales up or down in unpredictable ways. As you’ve discovered, the best thing to do is to scale it up or down using your browser’s zoom settings.

The Adventuron web site is currently offline for reasons unknown. I think @adventuron forgot to pay the bill. Hopefully, this is only temporary.

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Many thanks for the reply! I had the window at full screen throughout and didn’t resize it. But my usual go to for making the font bigger using the browser zoom adjustments just wasn’t sticking initially. It would redraw bigger then revert back. I’m not sure why it worked eventually! But glad I got to play the game ok. Thanks also for the info re the website.

Oh dear. I didn’t know the website was down. I’ll look into it.