AdventureJam 2020, April 21st-May 5th

Make an adventure game (IF or graphical) in 14 days:

NB: Constructing the game itself is not allowed until the beginning of the jam date. However, you are allowed to assemble your team (if you choose to have one), write your story/dialogue, and map out your game right now.

Last year there were 55 games of which there were six IF-games. Even though the competition is dominated by graphical point-and-click adventures, the untraditional IF-game “Night of the Crescent Moon” became #11.

After the jam is ended on the 5th of May, the authors vote for each other’s games (you cannot vote for yourself). The voting period continues for one month.


The results are up: Link to results

The best ranked IF game placed no. 13 out of 67 games. It is called “Are you there?” (IFDB)