Adventure Snack IF Comp 2022 Micro-Reviews

Hey folks! I write an email newsletter called Adventure Snack, where I send my players original, “bite size” interactive fiction games to their inboxes. (Some of you may have seen my talk about it at this year’s Narrascope.)

Yesterday, I sent out a new game to subscribers (You Are a Zombie Yelp Reviewer) along with a few thoughts about participating in my first IFComp. Included were these micro-reviews / recommendations of a few short games I thought my players would enjoy…

  • To Persist/Exist/Endure, Press 1 by Anthony O – Navigate an utterly absurd phone tree in this game of existential dread. As someone who hates these kinds of phone systems and always screams “operator” to the machine over and over again, I found this game very relatable.

  • Esther’s by Brad and Alleson Buchanan – Sit down for a tiny, adorable brunch with mouse couple Janie and Harold in an IF game aimed at children. Esther’s is slyly written though, so I’m certain adults will get more than a few laughs playing this with their kids. The illustrations are bright and full of character.

  • Nose Bleed by Stanley W. Baxton – Struggle helplessly with a never-ending bloody nose in a game about social terror and interpersonal power dynamics. For those seeking a horror game that goes deeper than monsters and slashers this Halloween season, I found Nose Bleed highly affecting. Grabs Kleenex

  • Who Shot Gum E. Bear? by Damon L. Wakes– Sink your teeth into a candy-themed murder mystery where you’re the detective. I’m terrible at old school parser games that require players to enter certain keywords, but Gum E. Bear’s jokes and funny Roger Rabbit -like world-building won me over.

  • No One Else is Doing This by Lauren O’Donoghue – Canvas for a cause in this game about the struggles of an activist. No One Else is a bold, honest look at the hard work and heartbreaks required to make a difference. The game uses unique mechanics, like battling the urge to pee, to explore a unique setting for games.

So excited to be in this year’s competition! The creativity and craftsmanship of the entries I’ve played is inspiring.


Awesome, thank you for the kind words and the signal boost!

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Likewise, Brad! I loved your review of Psychic Applebee’s and I dig your three emoji sum-ups.

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