Adventure Quest II - New Adventure Software

Hello everyone. A friend said I should put my Adventure Creator/Player system here. Long ago I wrote one of these in Visual Basic, this version is written in PureBasic (thus the II).

Adventure Quest II is an old-school text Aventure System. Complete with Adventure Creator and Adventure Player. Adventures are built on your local SQLite Database and when completed are Exported to a JSON File. This JSON file can be imported and played by anyone with the Player.

NO Software knowledge is needed for adventure creation! Everything is screen driven.

Adventure Files are saved to your “Home” Folder in an “AdventureQuest” folder.

This Software is 100% Free.

I am looking for folks to use and suggest changes and enhancements, tweaks and changes. If there is a lot of interest, I can create Adventure sharing pages to my website!

Please feel free to download from my site:
PAHLabs com

Questions Comments an be posted here or feel free to email me directly, or via my website.
(For those concerned about entering your email in my site to download, No verification of address is required. I do not data mind or share personal information with anyone. Once a year I put out sales, those with valid emails will receive notification.)


Looks interesting. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but are there any games to see what they look like and how they play? Perhaps there’s something in the download?


Just the little test one.



I had intended to check this out and report any accessibility bugs, but I can’t even start the creator. I get a Cannot Open Database error and then the program crashes. Even after downloading the source and adding the database to the folder, I get the same issue.

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