Adventure Jam 2023 on

If anyone wants to submit an IF game to the more general Adventure jam 2023, you have two weeks to write your game - you must not start coding in advance. so you should code your game between the 27th of May and 10th of June.

IF games have done decently well before in this quite popular jam (97 entries last year), see the IFDB competition pages for the
2019 jam and the 2020 jam. There are usually a lot of great entries, especially if you like adventure games in general. It used to be held at GameJolt but is has now moved to page (Adventure Jam 2023)


I’ve made basic pages for the jam in general at Adventure Jam - IFWiki and this year’s in particular at Adventure Jam 2023 - IFWiki. Feel free to add details!


The submission phase has started and already 16 games have been submitted: Entries

11 days left to submit something (please read the rules before you do).

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