Adventure Comes First 'The Homecoming'

Hi All,

I’m developing a commercial text adventure with my own 3D GUI for IOS, Android, Mac and PC. I’ve exhibited my game at the EB Games Expo in Sydney Australia and will be at AVCON in Adelaide Australia in July. It’s currently two years in development but the idea of the game was started over twenty years ago.

The game is based in the 1500s and is a fantasy story. Featuring a 3D GUI, music, sound effects, voice overs, animations and paintings. It’s easy to use and hopefully will appeal to all generations - I’ve spent a great deal of time developing and researching the GUI and story. The idea is to produce a high quality story and mixing it with what’s technological capable these days with modern computers, tablets and phones.

IF you wish to join our mailing list or wish to discuss the game please contact me at any time. The email address to use is

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If anyone is interested in beta testing ‘the homecoming’ it would be greatly appreciated.