Advance request for input on setting up Juhana's IF Recorder, as seen in IF Comp

I intend to set up Juhana’s IF recorder on my webspace to collect transcripts for a few games.

I’m going to start on the project’s github page (GitHub - juhana/if-recorder: Recorder for interactive fiction transcripts) and follow the instructions.

I understand this tool is used by IFComp imps, so I’m putting this out there now in case anybody needs to jump in and say to me, ‘Whoa, it doesn’t work like in those instructions anymore!’ or ‘Here’s the crucial thing we learned about setting this up.’ I welcome any such advice. Thanks



It’s a great tool. Two questions:
Is there an executable file, how to install? I am really a moron.
Second Is an Android version?

I don’t know how to set up the server sorry, but the instructions are fairly detailed so it’d be worth just trying them.

For the front end, with the new Parchment, all you need to do is add this into the html:

parchment_options.recording_url = 'URL'
parchment_options.recording_format = 'simple'

If you want to collect transcripts for multiple games, then… that’s more complex.

It’s for running on a webserver.

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