Adv3Lite Version 1.6 now released

Version 1.6 of adv3Lite has now be released and can be downloaded from Dropbox. A copy has also been uploaded to the IF Archive but may take a few days to migrate to the appropriate folder. The change log can be viewed on GitHub.

The GitHub repo also contains the latest versions of the files, but lacks the Library Reference Manual (for reasons of space),



We appreciate you and all of your work!! Inform 7 might have been where I started, but Adv3Lite is where I truly found my love for authoring IF!


The new ProxyActor class can be used to continue the definition of a complex actor over more than one source file.

YESSSS thank you!!! For some reason, if I have a source file that exceeds 1,000 lines, my dev environment just starts screaming in agony, spamming error popups and closing my terminal to show the log output. As someone who likes to implement really thorough companion NPCs, this will make the task a lot smoother!

It is now possible to control the order in which rooms in a SenseRegion have their contents listed/described in response to an intransitive LOOK, LISTEN or SMELL command by using either the room’s listOrder property, or, for finer-grained control, its remoteRoomListOrder(pov) (based on a suggestion posted on by Joey “Jess” Cramsey).

Thank youuuu!! :star_struck:

Fixed bug that prevented proper execution of Daemons and added facility to allow a Daemon to be created with an interval of zero, which causes it to he executed on the same turn and then every turn thereafter.

Also, thank you for this one! I actually forgot that this caused me a lot of problems in one of my projects, until I finally tracked down where the problem was coming from, lol. I actually assumed I was implementing the Daemon incorrectly. :laughing:

This changelog is MASSIVE! A lot of work went into this! Absolutely spectacular update! :smile:

Thank you, Sir!

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Verify installation?

I have installed 1.6. ??

I have started a new game that looks to be fun. How can I verify that the new game is using 1.6? (sorry for the noob question)

Thank you

I think I have it sorted out. My TADS implementation has followed me through several PCs. This recent Asus model has both a set of local directories and a MS OneDrive where many of the files/folders are located in the cloud. I replaced the Adv3Lite folder with 1.6 everywhere.

My original new game was still using 1.5.

Hopefully you have sorted it out, but a couple of things you could try:

Go to the change log page of the Library Manual in your installation’s docs. The most recent version listed in the change log should be version 1.6 (12-Dec-2022).

Alternatively, try issuing an INVENTORY TALL command in your new game. This will work in version 1.6 but not in version 1.5 (or any earlier versions).

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It must be sorted out. The INVENTORY TALL command worked.

What is INVENTORY TALL? (Found the answer on Github.)

The library now defines INVENTORY TALL and INVENTORY WIDE commands to switch between inventory listing formats (along with a lister to show the inventory in the tall, columnar format as an alternative to the existing wide, sentence-style one).

Thank you.

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Congratulations! This is a huge update, not only in the number of improvements, but also in its contribution to the TADS ecosystem.


Great news! Thank you!


And you can see for yourself by picking up a couple of items in your new game, trying an INVENTORY (or I) command, followed by INVENTORY TALL, and another I, followed by INVENTORY WIDE to return to the first, sentence format.


What editor you use ?

I use Kate, and albeit only just below 1000 (953 lines to be exact…) for the largest source, (mainly because of my rather extensive adaptive prose) I don’t have issues in editing.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Thank you ! I expect that I can quickly confirm the “production” grading (actually the ß version IS production-grade, albeit because of the current commitments, I’m still in the “messing & fooling around and wildly experimenting” phase of adv3Lite coding)

now, as hinted elsewhere, you can, after some days of rest, tell us the history of adv3Lite ? :wink:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

EDIT: there seems a duplicate tutorial in the if-archive .zip, one in adv3Lite/docs/tutorial and the other in adv3Lite/tutorial, apparently older.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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See Design Aims · EricEve/adv3lite Wiki (


Thanks, Eric.

Started with recompiling all my messings & experimentation, and a major oversight appears immediately:

Learning adv3lite, chapter 2 version

adv3Lite Library version 1.5
T3 VM (mjr-T3) version 3.1.3

ought to be version 1.6, isn’t ? :wink:

a pair of points, one minor, the other potentially serious in long term, on the documentation: the minor is that I feel that the excellent, and well-tailored “where do I start with all these manuals ?” ought to be at the top, not the bottom of the index.htm

The other, and potentially serious in the long run, is that you have redirected the link to tads3’s system manual to, in se not a wrong thing, aside that on one, minor, side, gives unnecessary 'Net workload (of course, later I’ll edit the redirect to my local copy of the T3 bookshelf…) but the major side is that, until Mike Roberts is no more MIA, we must assume that sooner or later, the URL will expire, and is my opinion that is wise to add said system manual to the distribuited documentation…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Quite right; it ought. This has already been pointed out to me and I’ve made the requisite change so that any future downloads should give the right version number. If you want (or anyone else wants) to patch the version you’ve got you can download the corrected modid.t file from the GitHub repo (or simply make the change to version = '1.6' at line 601 in modid.t).

I can certainly look at making that change. As things stand there is a link (Where Should I Start?) at the top of the page taking you to the “Where so I start with all these manuals?” section, but it may well be simpler to move that section to the top, as you suggest.

I take your point, but since no one can use adv3Lite without TADS 3, they’ll presumably have a local copy of the System Manual already downloaded to their own machine, so it would seem a bit of an unnecessary duplication to distribute it again. The problem is that I have no idea where on any given user’s machine the System Manual will be located , so the readme.htm file that comes with adv3Lite contains the following:

For information about the TADS 3 language, intrinsic classes and other system features, please consult the TADS 3 System Manual. (By default this link will take you to the on-line version of the TADS 3 documentation on; if you’d prefer to use your local copy of the System Manual you can do so by editing the file sysman.htm in the docs directory)

While the comments in sysman.htm offer some guidance on redirecting to the local copy of the System Manual.

This isn’t particularly elegant, to be sure, but if the URL to expires the TADS community will facer a wider set of issues about keeping TADS alive (although it should still be possible to download TADS from the IF Archive).

I’d be interested to know what people think about this.


I wonder if there is any way that Michael Roberts could release TADS to the IFTF as he did with IFDB?


VSCode on Ubuntu with the wonderful TADS 3 extension, created by the esteemed @Tomas. Absolutely amazing plugin! :smiley:

I seem to stress it out a lot, though, because I really like to write new systems for gameplay, or have a lot of dialogue responses for NPCs lol. I very frequently pass the 1,000 line mark on a lot of source files lol.

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I thought it was a fair solution, though it took a bit of poking at the HTML so figure out why I was being directed to an online webpage lol.

I don’t have the workbench on my machine, and had to ask around the forum to figure out how to download the sysman specifically, but I managed to figure everything out in the end.

While it’s a kinda odd solution, I absolutely see why it was chosen. Not really sure how I’d make it smoother for the end-user, though. I feel like if you’re developing in TADS 3, you’re already a coder, and the comments in the HTML file sorta lay out the breadcrumbs to find the solution.

Honestly the hardest part of the process was figuring out where the download the manual from. Once it was on my machine, it was a simple path change and it worked perfectly.

I think that’s a really interesting question.

If he didn’t, perhaps MJR could give to IFTF (much as he did IFDB) in the name of preserving the site and all links pointing to it.

(Assuming, of course, IFTF wants to take over these projects.)


Exactly what I was thinking. That way his legacy would be ensured.

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