Adv3Lite Version 1.6.2 Now Released

The latest version of adv3Lite (v. 1.6.2) is now available from

The change log can be viewed at Change Log · EricEve/adv3lite Wiki (


I’ll test it soon against the major, then the derived WIP (the latter having a deadline easy to figure, so In case of troubles, reverting to 1.6.1 is a matter of editing the relevant .t3m)

Thanks for your efforts and
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dott. Piergiorgio.

assumption disproved: (huge spoiler ahead):

Which do you mean, the daemonic horns, the diadem, the daemonic wings, the elfin girl’s bosom, the canines, the aqua girl’s face, the horn covers, the daemonic girl’s bosom, the polished talons, the red streamers, the aqua girl’s eyes, the red dress, the angelic girl’s bosom, the daemonic girl’s eyes, the angelic girl’s face, Angelic girl’s eyes, the aqua girl’s ears, the aqua girl’s hands, the copper plaque, the angelic girl’s hair, the daemonic girl’s hands, the angelic girl’s hands, the aqua girl’s hair, the daemonic girl’s face, or the copper cord?

how I can raise the default ?

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dott. Piergiorgio.

You can modify disambigPreParser to extend the list in its ordinals property, e.g.:

modify disambigPreParser
   ordinals = inherited + ['thirteenth', 'fourteenth', 'fifteenth', 'sixteenth',
        'seventeenth', 'eighteenth', 'nineteenth', 'twentieth', 'twenty-first',
        'twenty-second', 'twenty-third', 'twenty-fourth']

That said, experimentation suggests that the underlying Mercury Parser (written by Mike Roberts) is unable to cope properly with more than 12 items (and that this would have been the case before the current update, when the player could reply FIRST or TENTH or whatever). So this may not be so readily fixable.


You replied when I was just editing i162.t3m (the test .t3m) :wink: Thanks for the quick and just-in-time answer !

EDIT: indeed work up until twenty… let’s think later on the issue; perhaps is best deactivating this feature, at least for the derived WIP…

Thanks again, and
Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Yes, I was just about to say it works up to the twentieth.

I think you’d still get the same problem if the player typed TWENTY FIRST in full.

One partial workaround, which I’m implementing in the library, is to change line 3809 of english.t to read:

if(libGlobal.enumerateDisambigOptions && names.length < 21)

This will have the effect of automatically disabling the enumeration where there are more than 20 items to choose from.


Or, more simpler, put out of disamb’s scope five elements, bringing the major disamb into the limit of 20, at least for the derived WIP…

Can make sense w/o getting another barrage of questionable criticism, because all these disambgs can be seen as three depths of detail (depth, not breadth) and the absence of five (actually, six) disamb entries will have a logical sense, and this simple solution can give to me more than two year for a solid solution of the issue for the major WIP.

so, let’s not wrap much the head around this problem, after all, is a limit (crank)case…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Oo, me likey. Me especially likey that numbered disambiguation choices, a la the appropriately named Inform 7 extension, is now a thing in TADS.


I am now contemplating (with misgivings) the possibility of writing a game for this year’s comp. If I do, I’ll definitely use 1.6.2 and give it a thrashing.

I’d really like this game to be a lot smaller than “The Only Possible Prom Dress,” but my list of puzzle-type actions is now around 50 items long. The map will be smaller, though, I promise!


Glad to see you back!

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