Adv3Lite Version 1.1 Now Available

The latest version of adv3Lite (the alternative library for TADS 3), is now available for download from

While there are no major new features in this version, there are quite a few enhancements to existing features, a fair number of bug-fixes, and one new extension (for dynamic regions). For a full list of changes please consult the Change Log.

I don’t know if this is a new bug, or if the compiler is just being more careful than before, but I’ve got a new error message at the very top of my running game file after compilation. It looks like this:

The point of my code is that the stone angel should be referrable to as either “it” or “he” by the player. The Learning doc gives an example using ‘; it them’, so I was assuming that ‘; it he’ would do the same thing.

The compiler likes ‘; it him’, however, so apparently it’s expecting objective case. User error, but the warning message is … well, ‘he’ is not a non-pronoun. I guess maybe the Learning doc could be made more explicit with respect to case, but it is intuitively obvious, when you think about it, that the player will type ‘him’, not ‘he’.

Right. In the pronoun section of the vocab property the library expects to see ‘him’, ‘her’, ‘it’ or ‘them’, and will now complain if any other word appears. In fact ‘he’ or ‘she’ probably won’t do what you want here, so the warning is a valid one, even if the wording is slightly misleading in this case.

This is a new feature in this version; the library now checks vocab strings as it analyses them and warns the game author of any obvious errors.