adv3lite setup

Attempting to follow the instructions in “Learning T3Lite” so as to try it out. I seem to be following the instructions (unless I’m bobbling it – always a possibility). Specifically, I have tucked the adv3Lite folder into My Documents/TADS 3/extensions, as instructed. But when I get to the following step, I’m stuck:

  1. In the third page of the Dialog, scroll down the list of Project Types until you get
    to Adv3Lite.

No such option appears in the dialog box. All I’m allowed to create is an adv3 project of some type. I’m using T3 3.1.3 and Workbench build 121, which I believe are current.

Edit: Okay, got it. The instructions on how to proceed if you’re using an earlier version of Workbench solve the problem. So this is simply an error in the doc – Workbench 121 has not been updated so that it can find the new library path.

The New Project wizard definitely offers Adv3Lite as a project type for me (with Workbench Release HT-24; Build Win 121; TADS 3.1.3), so there must be something different in your setup. You may need to add …\TADS 3\extensions\adv3Lite to the library paths in Tools -> Options -> System -> Library Paths, or maybe that’s what you just did.

Unfortunately Mike seems not to have documented this feature in the change log or anywhere else when he released the new version of TADS 3 that includes the possibility of adding new project types, but from my email correspondence with him it looks as if Workbench should find the relevant project type files if they’re either somewhere under your extensions path or under your library path (but if you add the new path in Workbench I think you’ll find you need to exit Workbench and restart it to see the effect).

Or maybe that’s what you were referring to in your Edit?

Yes, that was what I was referring to in the edit. BTW, I’ve spotted a couple of minor issues in the adv3Lite docs. Nothing serious, but I can’t email you any notes because I had a hard disk crash last year and lost my old email contact list. Could you drop me a message (at