Adv3Lite behavior and error

I just switched a small program I’m working on from Adv3 to Adv3Lite and I instantly noticed a few discrepancies in behavior.

cannotMoveMsg, for example, refers only to the Take command in Adv3Lite. In Adv3 it was used for any command that would try to move an object, including Push and Pull. Is this deliberate? How can I make sure it also catches commands like Push and Pull? I could not find documentation on this.

isListed also behaves differently. In Adv3 it would hide the listing of an object as a content but would show it if the player actually looks inside the container. In Adv3Lite, it never shows. At all. Is this deliberate?

isPlural doesn’t seem to work either. If I create an object and declare isPlural = true, the default text still says “The flagstones IS not important”.

When I define an object as Immovable and then try to pick it up, the error message that is printed says "You cannot take {the cobj) without replacement of the placeholder. I suspect it may be because of the typo, using a round bracket instead of a curly one at the end.

Thanks for any thoughts.

There are numerous language differences – the code can’t simply be ported over. There is no isPlural property in the adv3Lite library, for instance. You can create an isPlural property, but the library will never look at it. The easy way to make something plural is shown on p. 25 of "Learning TADS 3 with Adv3Lite, which is one of the docs in the Bookshelf.

The business of library messages is, again, different from in adv3. My adv3Lite skills are very rusty, so I can’t offer specific suggestions.

There are reasons for switching a project from one library to the other – adv3Lite has some nice features. But the documentation is your friend. When I was learning T3 (many years ago) I found the documentation very frustrating, but by now it’s easy for me to use. Knowing how to use the Library Reference Manual – that’s a terrific resource, once you understand how it’s set up.

Thanks a bunch. That helps already. :slight_smile: