adv3lite: Article Suppression

This is a library gotcha, which might be worth mentioning in the documentation (or might be worth changing in the library code, if doing so is easy). I have an object, which for the sake of discussion we’ll call Bob’s desk:

bobDesk: Fixture, Surface 'Bob\'s desk' ... ;
The output message, by default, refers to it as “the Bob’s desk.” At the moment, I’m looking at the output in response to ‘look under’, where the relevant message has the parameter substitution {the dobj}. To suppress the “the”, I have tried:

proper = true qualified = true theName = (name)
None of these works – but there’s a reason. Because the object has a remapUnder, you have to put proper = true in the remapUnder SubComponent, because the LookUnder action is redirected to the SubComponent. This is not an intuitively obvious situation, because the SubComponent has no vocabulary of its own. As I said, this may be worth mentioning in the manual, if the behavior can’t easily be changed.

Thanks for pointing this out, but hopefully it’s one of the things I’ve already fixed for the next release (since a closely related issue came up here not long ago).