[ADV3 - WebUI] Mimicking UNDO when UNDO is not viable

In my attempt to make a multi-player version of the WebUI, of which I have made good progress, I have run into a problem. The VM intrinsic function Undo locks up the server when the game tries calling the feature. Understandable with all the changes I had to make to get as far as I have. Also, UNDO would be a global take-back, something I don’t need.

What I am currently trying to do is to make a copy of all the objects involved in the command before applying the command. If the player wants to undo the command, I restore the objects to the stored state.

Is there a way to loop over every property of an object? I need to copy the properties of the back-up object over the original object. I’m assuming this will work as an UNDO replacement. If this won’t work, Does anyone know of something else that might work? I am hoping to avoid having to disable UNDO in multi-player games.

This sounds way over my head, but have you looked at anyObject.getPropList() ? Or the savepoint() function?

Didn’t know of getPropList. After playing around with it for a bit, that looks like it might work.